Audi R8: the exclusive two-seater supercar

Audi R8: the exclusive two-seater supercar

The Audi R8 represents Audi’s interpretation of the super sports car. It is clearly a car with extraordinary performance, able to position itself at the level of supercars produced by competitors such as Lamborghini or Porsche. That it is not a car for everyone is confirmed by the price.

As we will discover, it also underlines the fact that it is a car destined for a highly selected audience. It is therefore not a coincidence that the R8 has conquered from the first versions a first-rate place not only among Audi enthusiasts, but also among collectors and sports car lovers.

Audi R8: dimensions and design

Let’s start talking about the dimensions of the car, which measures 4.429 meters long and 1.94 wide. The ground clearance figure of just 1.242 meters should be highlighted.

Even the (breathtaking) design of the bodywork leaves no doubt. The R8 is the flagship model in the vast Audi range and therefore it is a car that appeals and can be admired. From the design point of view this car was designed to be at the forefront.

Audi R8: the exclusive two-seater supercar
Front view

The second generation has been redesigned to make aesthetics even more sporty and appealing. The chassis of the car has a limited weight of around 200 kg, thanks to the materials used (such as aluminum and other carbon composite elements).

The extreme lightness allows superior performance, while the lines are designed to make the most of the aerodynamic advantage while driving. The front has been renewed starting from the grille, containing the car’s license plate in the center.

On the side the eye-catching LED headlights and the new air intakes that escape towards the sides. You can see the influence of the typical characteristics of racing cars. Finally, the rear is characterized by horizontal LEDs and headlights, as it is tradition for the German company.

Available engines

The only motorization available is also considered the best one for this model. We are therefore talking about a 5204 CM3 aspirated petrol engine, that delivers 570 horsepower. and 419 KW. Average consumption is estimated at around 12.9 liters per 100 km.

Audi R8: the exclusive two-seater supercar
Audi R8: interior

Audi R8: interior design and set-ups

The essence of the exclusivity that characterizes the exterior of this supercar translates into an interior designed in every detail to pay attention to elegance and comfort. The dashboard is linear and designed to offer maximum ergonomics, putting all the controls at hand.

The sports seats are heated and upholstered in high quality leather, while the proposed color combinations are devoted to elegance and taste. At the same time, the interior design recalls the lines of the competition single-seaters.

Behind the steering wheel, there is also the well-known and tested Audi virtual cockpit, which offers all the key information on the car through a large 12.3-inch display. The set-ups are divided into “Quattro S tronic”, “plus” and “performance”. Obviously, they are already more than complete since the basic model, so it is simply a matter of letting yourself be carried away by your own taste and personalizing the car in the most pleasing way.

Audi R8: the exclusive two-seater supercar
Rear view

Prices and final evaluations

The price of the Audi R8 is in line with what you would expect from a car of this type. Price starts from 179.800 euros, going up based on customizations and preferences expressed.