Audi TT RS Roadster: performance like a real sports car in the open air

Audi TT RS Roadster: performance like a real sports car in the open air

The new Audi TT RS roadster follows the specifications of the coupe to offer passengers the thrills of a real sports car with the pleasure of driving in the open air. Compared to the previous version of the TT, the car has a new front. The rear has also been redesigned, thanks to the addition of a sport wing.

The interiors are luxurious and dynamic, as expected from a car of this type. But the greatest pleasure is experienced by driving the 400-horsepower engine, which offers a lot of fun and a supercar driving experience. All this in the form and design of a model that has made the history of Audi.

Audi TT RS Roadster: dimensions and style

Let’s start with the size of the car, which measures 4.2 meters long by 1.83 meters wide, while the height corresponds to 1.34 meters. Obviously, there are no surprises compared to the sister coupé, because what changes is the possibility of opening the top and driving in the open air, with the push of a simple button.

Audi TT RS Roadster: performance like a real sports car in the open air
Audi TT RS Roadster: interior

The mechanism also works on the go and guarantees execution in a few seconds. From the point of view of the frontal design, we find the black honeycomb grille with the RS logo and in the center the car number plate. On the sides there are the two sharpened LED headlights and in the lower part the aggressive air intakes, able to accentuate the character of a true sports car.

On the side, the car has the classic TT cut, but it takes on an even more streamlined and fun line with the top down. From the rear, you can see the two roll bars behind the seat, while the trunk is integrated with the horizontal LED headlights typical of Audi.


For this four-wheeled jewel, Audi has designed an engine capable of guaranteeing maximum fun and sporty driving without compromise. Taking advantage of the 400 horsepower engine in the open air is the main difference compared to the coupe model, as the performance remains similar. The 480 Nm is combined with the quattro drive and the Audi S-Tronic dual clutch.

Audi TT RS Roadster: performance like a real sports car in the open air
Front view

The car is, therefore, able to reach 100 kilometers per hour in less than 4 seconds. The top speed is instead limited to 250 kilometers per hour, but can be extended up to 280 KM/h thanks to a special upgrade. Also in this case, as for the sister car, the work done on the car’s weights affects performance, given that the filing has made it possible to contain the total mass to 1530 kg.

Audi TT RS Roadster: interior and set-ups

From the point of view of the interior, this roadster stands at the highest levels for the ability to combine comfort and sportiness. The sporty leather steering wheel matches the gear lever located in the central tunnel, while the dashboard is embellished with aluminum and carbon inserts. The RS logo stands out, also present on sports seats.

Ogni comando è pensato per essere al posto giusto, mentre dietro al volante è disponibile il virtual cockpit con programmazione RS. In questo modo, Audi garantisce al guidatore la disponibilità di ogni dettaglio in merito al veicolo durante la guida. Il sistema di infotainment è comandabile anche tramite la rotella touch posta vicino al cambio. Dal punto di vista degli allestimenti e degli optional, il modello garantisce tantissime opportunità di personalizzazione sia degli esterni che degli interni.

Attraverso i pacchetti pensati da Audi si può andare ad intervenire sul design e sugli optional, ma bisognerà prepararsi a pagare profumatamente ogni aggiunta. I pacchetti partono infatti da circa 1000 euro e nel caso del Design Exclusive raggiungono senza problemi le 7000 euro.

Audi TT RS Roadster: performance like a real sports car in the open air

Price and final considerations

We have highlighted through various aspects how the Audi TT RS Roadster represents a four-wheeled jewel. It is therefore not surprising that the price to pay is high. From what is indicated on the price list it is necessary to start from around 81 thousand euros, but through options and customizations it is not difficult to reach and exceed 90 thousand euros.

Obviously, this is not a product destined for everyone, but only for a close circle of enthusiasts.