BMW 8 Series Convertible, the power of seduction

BMW 8 Series Convertible, the power of seduction

Beautiful, fast, sexy. The new BMW 8 Series Convertible, debuting at the Los Angeles show, seems designed to take your breath away. Designed on the basis of the homonymous coupé version, the four-seat propeller is designed to fully enjoy the en plein air driving.

True treat, even if optional, the ventilation system integrated into the headrests. A flow of warm enveloping air, so as not to renounce the wind that dishevels hair, even among the coldest mountain roads.

BMW Serie 8 Cabrio: design and interior

The new BMW 8 Series Convertible, debuting in 2019, is a sliver that moves low to the ground (just 134.5 centimeters in height). Elegant and sinuous, with an extremely horizontal structure, the Bavarian Cabrio has a muscular snout. The headlights and the double kidney grille are crushed, they do not wrap but seduce, thanks to the sharp cuts with a distinctly modern style.

BMW 8 Series Convertible, the power of seduction
BMW Serie 8 cabrio: interior

The BMW 8 Series Convertible seems to come from the future. Too bad for the weight, more than two tons, despite the canvas roof able to exit and disappear in fifteen seconds (even with the car moving but up to 50 kilometers per hour).

Great care is also given to interior fittings, with seven different upholstery options, all featuring Merino leather. The dashboard and dashboard lines are elegant, with 12.3 and 10.25-inch displays. The 8 Series Convertible is very comfortable at the front, while the rear sofa is a little sacrificed. The trunk is rather large but, with its 350 liters, it represents a point in favor of the four-seater of Monaco. At least in relation to the category.


The new BMW 8 Series Convertible is available with either petrol (850i xDrive) or diesel (840i xDrive) engines. The first is an eight-cylinder engine with 4,395 cubic centimeters capable of delivering 530 horsepower for 750 Newton meters of maximum torque. The 840d xDrive, on the other hand, is a 3.0-liter with a 2.993 cc engine capacity. Six instead of the cylinders, while at the voices horses and maximum torque reads 320 hp and 700 Nm respectively.

BMW 8 Series Convertible, the power of seduction
Rear view

Different engines but the same top speed: 250 kilometers per hour. However, the acceleration capacity is different. If the BMW 8 Series Convertible 850i xDrive is able to go from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds, it takes 5.2 with the six-cylinder diesel.

Both petrol and diesel-powered versions have an all-wheel drive with eight-speed sequential automatic transmission. Finally, the four steering wheels are also excellent, as standard with both the 850i xDrive and the 3.0-liter 840d xDrive.

Price and consumption

Some price differences depending on the engine. The new BMW 8 Series Convertible is available starting from 114.700 euros with diesel fuel, while the eight-cylinder petrol engine raises the price above 140.000 euros.

The 840d xDrive is definitely cheaper even when it comes to consumption and emissions. The six-cylinder is appreciated compared to the 850i xDrive for less fuel consumption (about 6 liters per 10 of fuel to cover one hundred kilometers of road), but also for a lower rate of emissions. The 3.0-liter diesel disperses 155-165 grams of carbon dioxide in the air every kilometer traveled, which when fueled up to 225-229.

BMW 8 Series Convertible, the power of seduction

BMW Serie 8 Cabrio: data sheet

Length: 4,851 meters
Width: 1,902 meters
Height: 1.345 meters
Weight: 2.090 kg (850i xDrive) / 2.030 (840d xDrive)
Wheelbase: 2,822 meters

Engine: 850i xDrive (8-cylinder petrol) / 840d xDrive (6-cylinder diesel)
Displacement: 4,395 cm3 (850i xDrive) / 2,993 cm3 (840d xDrive)
Maximum power: 390 kW (530 hp) at 5,500-6,000 rpm (850i xDrive) / 235 kW (320 hp) at 4,000 rpm (840d xDrive)
Top speed: 5.500-6000 rpm (850i xDrive) / minute / 4.00 rpm (840d xDrive)
Maximum torque: 750 Nm (850i xDrive) / 700 (840d xDrive)
Traction: xDrive integral
Gearbox: 8-speed sequential automatic transmission

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.9 seconds (850i xDrive) / 5.2 (840d xDrive)
Top speed: 250 kilometers per hour

Declared average consumption: 9.9-10 liters / 100 km (850i xDrive) / 5.9-6.3 liters / 100 km (840d xDrive)

Declared average emissions: 225-229 grams of CO2 / km (850i xDrive) / 155-165 grams of CO2 / km (840d xDrive)

850i xDrive: starting from € 140.100
840d xDrive: starting from € 114.700