Ferrari GTC4Lusso, the four-seater that runs

Ferrari GTC4Lusso, the four-seater that runs

The engine is a V12 capable of delivering almost 700 horsepower, there are four seats and the lines are rounded for a shooting brake. From 2016, the year of its presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, The Ferrari GTC4Lusso replaces the previous FF which incorporates silhouette and charisma. An all-Italian charm that has not gone unnoticed in Paris among the experts of the International Automobile Festival, confident in flattering the Maranello prodigy with the title of Most beautiful supercar of the year.


The Ferrari GTC4Lusso collects the inheritance of the Ferrari FF. The GTC4Lusso is barely a centimeter longer, compared to the previous model by a height of just four millimeters, while the wheelbase is identical.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso, the four-seater that runs
Front view

The prancing horse shooting-brake is elegant and sporty at the same time, slender thanks to the almost five meters long and just 138 centimeters high, it is a comfortable four-seater despite the noticeable tapering. A supercar that features innovative sides that highlight the unpublished (and more contained) air vents that the Maranello engineers have articulated in a triple-slit.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is revolutionary especially at the front, thanks to a new air intake and a review of the optical groups. Back to the past instead for the rear end that has round and split headlights, as in the best of Ferrari traditions, and that finds its innovative dimension in the keel-shaped diffuser that, thanks to the converging vertical drifts, is able to convey the flow of air to the center. The Maranello jewel is present in twenty-eight different colors, including the special California Red and White Italy.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso: interior

Internally, the car is, as mentioned, comfortable: seats upholstered entirely in leather and headrests also integrated into the rear seats. The cabin, according to the name, proves to be luxurious, also thanks to the 10.25 inch Split View touch screen with different contents for driver and passengers.

There is also the presence of an additional monitor, located on the right of the passenger compartment, which informs about speed, gear engaged, acceleration and engine speed. Even the interior configuration can be customized as desired, thanks to the three types of seat and the ten different leather upholstery.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso, the four-seater that runs
Ferrari GTC4Lusso: interior


If it is beautiful outside, however it is inside the engine compartment that the Ferrari GTC4Lusso hides the most precious treasures. First of all the 12-cylinder naturally aspirated V12 capable of unleashing the power of its 690 horsepower up to 8,100 rpm, the maximum allowed by the limiter. A miracle that allows the prancing horse shooting-brake to progress from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.4 seconds, almost half a second less than the previous Ferrari FF. Also noteworthy are the 335 km/h top speed, the Ferrari 4RM EVO all-wheel-drive system and the 7-speed dual-clutch F1 gearbox for a significantly more precise ascent and climb.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso knows how to be sweet, with a smooth driveability up to 4,000 rpm, after which the superior power of the V12 Ferrari with 6,262 cubic centimeters of displacement takes over giving way to all the sportiness of the Prancing Horse.

Price and consumption

The price of the Ferrari GTC4Lusso is that of a supercar from Maranello: high. It starts from a base of 270.060 euros, ready to be retouched upwards depending on the configuration. Consumption and emissions vary, but the home of the pony declares an average consumption of 16.1 liters of petrol per hundred kilometers, and the average emission of 366 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer traveled.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso, the four-seater that runs
Rear view

Data sheet

Length: 4.922 meters
Width: 1,980 meters
Height: 1,383 meters
Weight: 1,790 kg
Wheelbase: 2.990 meters
Front track: 1.674 meters
Rear track: 1.668 meters

Engine: V12 – 65 °
Displacement: 6292 cm3
Maximum power: 507 kW (690 hp) at 8,000 rpm
Top speed: 8.250 rpm
Transmission and gearbox: 4RM EVO / 4WS / F1 Transmission Double Clutch 7-speed

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.4 seconds
Acceleration 0-200 km/h: 10.5 seconds
Deceleration 100-0 km/h: 34 meters
Top speed: 335 kilometers per hour

Declared urban consumption: 28.5 liters/100 km
Declared extra-urban consumption: 13.6 liters/100 km
Declared average consumption: 16.1 liters/100 km

Declared urban emissions: 648 grams of CO2/km
Declared extra-urban emissions: 308 grams of CO2/km
Average declared emissions: 366 grams of CO2/km