Mercedes Benz AMG GT: the aggressive home sports car

Mercedes Benz AMG GT: the aggressive home sports car

Until now, Mercedes had never developed a car that was so sporty from an aesthetic point of view. We’re talking about the AMG GT, a completely new car that distorts the Mercedes brand always in line with a philosophy of elegance and perfection to cuddle the driver to the utmost.

This time the rules are changed: there is German egocentrism to the maniacal nature of attention to detail but finally leaving room for a purely aggressive DNA.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT: interior design

4.54m long, 1.93 wide and 1.28m high, the AMG GT comes with a predominantly aesthetic distribution for the front dominated by the very long bonnet. The cockpit is instead very backward with the line of the descending roof and with a rear that leaves very little overhang to the tail becoming almost “trunk”.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT: the aggressive home sports car
Rear view

The rear

The rear is the appearance of the car that most denotes Mercedes’ interest in marking sports cars with elegant and distinctive aesthetic details such as the horizontal geometry headlights with LED technology that integrate very well into the rear axle line making it clean without ribs and air intakes. Only in the lower part stands a mini extractor with integrated side outlets.

The upper part also adopts an electro-actuated pop-up spoiler that rises and falls according to the driving mode and dynamism and once returned to its place it leaves the clean line of the car intact. The line of the descending roof fits perfectly into the smoked black rear window, the same situation can be found in the side panels of the crystals.

The side cut of the AMG GT remains clean with a single air intake in glossy black and chrome finish at the height of the front wheel arch, a single rib appears instead in the lower part of the side.

The front

The front presents the two full led matrix light assemblies with a very soft shape without angles or sharp cuts and 4 air vents with a honeycomb pattern to let the powerful engine breathe. The star in generous format is placed at the center of the grille, matching chrome and satin finishes. The very long bonnet develops two trapezoidal air intakes on both sides at the top near the windshield.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT: the aggressive home sports car
Mercedes Benz AMG GT: interior

Mercedes Benz AMG GT: interior

Opening the doors the eye falls on the sill in polished aluminum with the AMG lettering engraved on it. The door panels use mainly Alcantara but integrated with leather with contrasting stitching and polished aluminum in some detail finishes. Once on board, the seat of the seats is very restrained, moreover they are built with the smallest possible dimensions making them very pleasant to the eye thanks to the thin and elegant profiles. The materials used are for the central part the alcantara while the side boards and the headrest are in leather with contrasting stitching. The steering wheel thanks to an electric mechanism rises and falls to allow easy entry and exit of the driver.

Technology and functions

The dashboard on the driver’s side integrates two analog tachometers for indicating engine speed while at the center a digital display for many driving functions. The dashboard is then covered at the top with a leather eyelid with tonal stitching to avoid disturbing the driving dynamics with possible reflections. At the center of the dashboard, we find 4 circular air vents developed in a horizontal line and a little above a “void” where the infotainment of this Mercedes AMG GT is integrated.

The central tunnel accommodates on both sides a total of 8 keys for the management of some features such as the engine/gearbox/shock absorber setting, the activation or not of the ESP system, the management of the more or less noisy exhaust, the start & stop function, activation of automatic / manual gearbox and volume adjustment. In the middle lane of the tunnel we find instead the gear lever and the command online system controlled with a physical rotor or a touchpad for touchscreen gestures.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT: the aggressive home sports car
Side view

A v8 of all respect

Beneath the bonnet is a 4-liter v8 biturbo with 462 hp and 600Nm of maximum torque. The maximum speed stands at 304km/h while the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is close to 4s, allowing an average consumption according to the Stuttgart house of 9 liters per 100km. Price starting from 128.722 euros (also available in a roadster version).

The versions available in addition to the basic version just described are:

  • AMG GT S: 522cv, acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 3.8s, top speed of 310km/h and price starting from 148.111 euros.
  • AMG GT C: 558cv, acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 3.7s, top speed of 317km/h, also available in roadster version and price starting from 161.324 euros.
  • AMG GT R: 585cv, acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 3.6s, top speed of 318km/h and price starting from 178.410 euros.
  • AMG GT R PRO: it is the most exasperated version, with an extreme aerodynamic package thanks to the front and rear extractor enriched with multiple air leaks, all with the use of feather materials such as carbon. Even the spoiler is no longer retractable but becomes fixed but still electrically adjustable to improve downforce. The rear extractor also houses a huge single trapezoidal shaped drain. We also find carbon in other details such as air intakes and side skirts. From a mechanical point of view, a 585 hp and 700 Nm 4-liter V8 biturbo engine is installed with an acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.6s. Price 221.151 euros.