Mercedes Benz CLA: the coupe that thinks it is a CLS

Mercedes Benz CLA: the coupe that thinks it is a CLS

CLA “younger sister” of the CLS sedan is the Mercedes sports coupe: it adopts the same Class A, Class B and Class A sedan floor but differentiates itself in terms of size, well 4.69m long, 1.83 wide, 1.44m high and step of 2.73m.

Compared to the previous version, in addition to an external and internal aesthetic change, the general size also changes, guaranteeing a car that is more spacious and also more stable when driving, while having a lot more fun if you adopt a sportier setting.

Mercedes Benz CLA coupé: exterior design

The front adopts a new philosophy with a calender pointing down and more truncated (more aggressive than the previous model), even the engine hood increases the perception of tension and grit with pronounced ribs and sharp shaping of the powerdome. The headlights are flat and developed more in the sidecut and adopt adaptive full led matrix technology. The grille also develops 4 air intakes, the huge central one with integrated the huge star of the Stuttgart house and then other 3 air intakes positioned in the lower part of the front, these too of generous dimensions is particularly captivating style.

Mercedes Benz CLA: the coupe that thinks it is a CLS

The side cut is always tending towards the bottom with the roof of the passenger compartment descending directed towards the tail of the car. Here too we find a single rib on the lower part of the side that appears to be muscular but still very clean and rational.

The rear is perhaps the most “copied” element by CLS in terms of design, with two very sharp and sharp-edged led optical groups. The lower part develops: an extractor with integrated two drains on both sides with a quadrilateral shape and chromed coloring and two air intakes developed in height always on both sides of the rear. Finally, the trunk has a capacity of 460 liters and is not equipped with an electrically-operated opening or closing, but in addition to being more generous, it is nevertheless well organized with even mesh pockets to place small objects.

Comfort and assembly

As for the interiors, as soon as the doors are opened, the design without frames around the windows stands out and, entering the rear passenger compartment, the action is easily done without problems, even if the descending roof removes a few centimeters from the head to the tallest in the entry phase.

Once seated the situation improves compared to the previous model where the comfort at the rear was quite sacrificed for legs and head. Now we can say that there is enough space even if not too much. Even the seat is made better thanks to enveloping seats and developed with materials that allow better ergonomics.

Mercedes Benz CLA: the coupe that thinks it is a CLS
Mercedes CLA Coupé: interior

Entering the front passenger compartment the entrance improves and the scent is all premium, with refined materials and excellent finish/assembly even in details such as the air vents (which reflect the symbolism of the star). At first glance we see the infotainment inherited from the other Mercedes family models which consists of a unique horizontal structure composed of two screens both with a 10.25-inch diagonal: one positioned in the driver’s area where it develops the typical digital dials for speed, the engine revs and other functions inherent to driving dynamics, the second screen covers instead a central position in the dashboard which is therefore also possible for the passenger and where it is possible to manage all the dynamics linked to multimedia.

This whole system is governed by two rotors on the steering wheel with which the driver can manage both the first and the second screen. While in the central tunnel occupies the throne the enormous touchpad that regulates the setting of the second screen.

Regarding the more technical aspect of this infotainment, the navigation system with 3d maps and the augmented reality system is implemented. All implemented with Apple Car Play and Android Auto services. There is also a holographic projection on the driver’s side projected after the dashboard that provides information on speed limits, on the status of the driver assistance systems and on the speed that is being traveled. The driver assistance systems are second level (an example is adaptive cruise control and line assist that work to allow the car to always remain in the center of the lane).

The assembly is excellent and allows comfort at the highest levels, without vibrations or percussion on the steering wheel and pedals. Whichever engine is chosen whether it is low or high displacement the silence on board is always assured.

Mercedes Benz CLA: the coupe that thinks it is a CLS
Side view

Mercedes Benz CLA coupé: engines and prices

Moving on to the available engines we have the same ones in the class A range, the same situation for the more sporty AMG versions. There is only one diesel version, the 180d from 116hp (produced in collaboration with Renault). While the petrol versions available are the 180 from 136hp, the 200 from 163hp, the 220 with 190hp and finally the most powerful 250 from 224cv. This new CLA comes equipped with front-wheel drive or alternatively the integral 4matic. The mounted automatic gearbox ensures subtle changes, but if you switch to the sequential one, however, there is a lack of responsiveness in the response to the gearshift.

As for prices, the diesel base starts from 32.000 euros while petrol starts at about 43,000 euros with 3 equipment levels: an “executive” version that adds 1230 euros more to the basic business version, a “sport” version with 2.820 euros more and finally the “premium” with an addition of 4.930 euros. So a car that sins only in terms of prices, considering that it is a car that caters to a generally young public.