Mercedes Benz GLE, not just an SUV

Mercedes Benz GLE, not just an SUV

Mercedes Benz GLE is the new 2019 version of the previous ML from which it adopts the platform and increases its wheelbase with benefits in terms of size reaching a good 4.92m of length, almost 3m of the wheelbase, 1.80 of height and width 1.93.

A car that changes a lot in the front with a bigger grille and a lower part design that is very reminiscent of the Class A and other Stuttgart models for lines, shapes and air intakes. Even the light clusters are different and very soft thanks to the soft and rounded lines. The headlights are full led matrix with a lighting capacity of 600mt. The radiator grille has an octagonal reinterpretation, the bumper protection is finished in chrome. Finally, the engine hood has two power domes.

Mercedes Benz GLE, not just an SUV
Mercedes Benz GLE: interior

Mercedes Benz GLE: design

The sidecut remains fairly clean from air vents and ribs except for two small vertical vents at the wheel arches near the front bumper. Another detail is the rear pillar with a diagonal line typical of this model since its first debut.

The rear changes with two new headlights almost identical to those we find on class A, therefore a triangular geometry much more angular and sharp than the front headlights. The rear light clusters naturally adopt LED technology and are joined together for the entire width by a very elegant chrome beam. As far as the bumper is concerned, the two lateral quadrilateral exhausts and two air intakes developed vertically on both sides are integrated. The circles range from a minimum of 18 inches up to a maximum of 22.


The trunk has a capacity of 825 liters, there is space at will even if we consider that by breaking down the seats in the 40-20-40 distribution we reach a capacity of 2000 liters of capacity. In addition, the boot lid is electro-actuated both when opening and closing.

From the point of view of the interior, the first aspect to take into consideration is the comfort, the entry into the passenger compartment is really easy both for the height from the ground and for the size of the doors. Once seated, the seats do their job perfectly, there is plenty of space but at the same time containment side rails to highlight the sporty character of this car on the off road. Also in the rear passenger compartment, the situation is the same thanks to the adjustment of the seats with regard to inclination and depth and to the headrests, all managed electrically thanks to the keys positioned on the door panels.

Mercedes Benz GLE, not just an SUV

Mercedes Benz GLE: superlative materials

The materials used are many and always well combined. The quality is superlative and the assembly really excellent, it is difficult to give even a single criticism to Mercedes in the interior development of her cars. The materials range a lot: leather available with two-tone configurations such as seats or door panels, briar, polished or satin-finished aluminum and plastic (for the lower part of the doors) very resistant and pleasant to the touch.

Also untouchable the design, Mercedes is the centerpiece in this new GLE that adopts the stylistic path of the other models on the list. Perhaps the only “flaw” is the new design of the air vents that leave the circular shape (similar to aircraft turbines) and adopt a rectangular shape with rounded corners a little less gritty and more “retro” at first glance. The central tunnel line is very pleasant, providing ample space for placing objects and two support handles well integrated into the overall design, the dashboard remains clean and follows a horizontal line for the entire width of the dashboard.

A lot of technology

The technology is not lacking thanks to the brand new MBUX system and the two 12.3-inch screens integrated in a single rectangular structure developed always horizontally with the dashboard. More than 40 functions compared to the system installed on the new class A, among which the most interesting is perhaps the e-mail management which allows you to read the inbox and dictate the message to the system if you want to send one. Everything is controlled by physical buttons and touchscreen both on the steering wheel and on the central tunnel (where the gearbox is located and just above the touchpad for infotainment control gestures). The touchscreen of the infotainment improves the user experience and comfort even for the passenger.

Mercedes Benz GLE, not just an SUV
Side view

There is also adaptive cruise control which automatically adjusts the speed in relation to the vehicle in front and if the direction indicator is switched on, it overtakes itself naturally in maximum safety while remaining. Another “gem” is the assistant line that allows you to stay perfectly in the center of the lane while driving.

Security systems are integrated: blind spot control that remains active even when the vehicle is stationary, the anti-skid system, automatic road sign recognition system, active brake assist system, PRE-SAFE system.

Technical peculiarity

Airmatic + active body control: a system developed entirely by Mercedes for the management of the suspensions that assimilates different functions including the most particular the “curve”, this allows to tilt the car depending on the direction of the curve, reducing considerably the transverse forces. It also has a stereoscopic camera function that allows you to perfectly monitor all the roughness of the road making GLE ready before meeting the obstacle. Finally, every suspension is controlled independently and on the off-road this can be a great advantage to get away from some “obstacle” of the route.

Traction 4 matic with torque on demand system: therefore integral traction but with the possibility of dividing the traction between the front end and the rear axle 0-100 and therefore no longer only 50-50.

Mercedes Benz GLE, not just an SUV
front view

Engines and prices

The available engines have even more “aggressive” and more efficient engines, passing from the 4-cylinder diesel up to the electrified 6-cylinder petrol and the powerful V8. The petrol engines have an additional power supply with an exhaust gas turbocharger and an integrated starter alternator, which is an additional electric compressor which, in acceleration, guarantees an increase in power of 22hp and 250Nm more torque.

  • The diesels are: 4-cylinder 2.0-liter with 204hp/6-cylinder 3.0-liter with 258cv
  • The petrol is: 3.0-liter 6-cylinder with 333 hp/8-cylinder 4.7-liter with 455 hp
  • The AMG versions are: 4.7-liter 8-cylinder with 557/585cv

The price starts from 59.000 euros for the 4-cylinder diesel up to over 130.000 euros for the amg versions.