Porsche Cayenne: comfort, quality and sportiness

Porsche Cayenne: comfort, quality and sportiness

A suv that does not miss anything, it is called Porsche Cayenne. Soft, smooth and rounded lines command the external design mainly in the front and in the side cut. The dimensions are 4.9 m in length, 1.9 m in width and 1.67 m in height with a total weight that can vary from 2060 to 2370 kg.

At the rear, the situation becomes more aggressive with decisive cuts and through the implementation of the latest generation optical assemblies characterized by a three-dimensional LED light strip that runs the entire width of the car and where the lettering of the German Brand is integrated. Just below the led strip there is also the lettering of the model. On the lower part we have a pronounced bumper and an air extractor with integrated generously sized exhausts.

Porsche Cayenne, interior: so much space

Despite Porsche being a typically sporting brand, interior comfort is not lacking. There is much more space than the competitors: starting from the trunk we have a capacity of 770 liters which increases when we decide to knock down the rear seats (which cannot be torn down directly from the boot but only by entering the rear doors). The boot space is very regular allowing you to take advantage of all the space. There are special hooks and nets on the sides to place small items. Very useful in this case are the electronic suspensions that can be managed to lower and raise the car, allowing greater comfort even when loading luggage.

Porsche Cayenne: comfort, quality and sportiness
Porsche Cayenne: interior

Moving on to the passenger compartment if you decide to get on as passengers, you will immediately notice an enormous ease of entry and once seated the space for legs, feet and head is really so much even for the tallest. Another function is the ability to slide back and forth and adjust the inclination of the rear seats (very useful when trying to have a greater load capacity sacrificing comfort).

Even if you sit in the central place, the tunnel does not take up space with your legs and feet. The climate for the rear passenger compartment is controlled by touch screen controls: with dual-zone function and with integrated functions for ventilation or heating of passenger seats. It can therefore be said that comfort is the master, allowing excellent travel even for long journeys without any problems.

Interior details and ergonomics

From excellent leather to shiny aluminum inserts and tone-on-tone stitching. Another aspect is the really improved ergonomics, therefore not only aiming at comfort and quality but also at a better ease of use of the various functions of the car, with fewer buttons but essential and arranged in the right places easily accessible to the driver without incurring distractions.

The buttons use a touch screen technology that gives a physical click after touching, thus ensuring the effective fulfillment of the chosen function (there are also physical buttons such as the rotor for adjusting the volume and the climate keys). On the driver’s side, the dashboard integrates both analogue solutions (with the central dial to indicate engine revs) and digital solutions with high-resolution screens. At the wheel, we find the rotor for driving modes. In the central tunnel there are many rooms that are large enough to store everyday objects.

The front seats are 18-way electric with memory function. There are also technological refinements such as the night vision device, the customization of the interior lighting, the doors with automatic closing and also the Burmester 3D High-End Sorround Sound System that makes the journey more pleasant.

The optional package is truly endless and goes from reasonable prices of the four-zone climate and colored seat belts (with a few hundred euros) to reach very high prices equal to the value of a small car like the carbon ceramic discs that cost 9000 euros.

Excellent infotainment but beware, no Android Auto

The infotainment is really big with a diagonal of 12 inches and with the integrated Porsche Connect app all the control functions are combined: remote access to the car’s functions and configure navigation via Navigation Plus which allows a continuous update real-time maps. There is also Apple Car Play which allows the Siri function to manage calls, text messages and much more with voice commands (such as reading current news without using the smartphone and distracting from driving). We remind you that Android Auto is not present.

Porsche Cayenne: comfort, quality and sportiness
Rear view

Chassis and safety systems

Moving on to the more technical side of the car there are adaptive 3-chamber suspensions or the steering rear axle, as well as the Porsche 4D-Chassis Control integrated chassis that performs control on the 3 spatial dimensions by calculating the best driving conditions and synchronizing all the real-time chassis systems.

The Cayenne traction is standard and allows it to tackle even the most difficult terrain. If we talk instead about driving safety we have: the ACC that allows to automatically adjust the speed of the car according to the car ahead and systems to recognize pedestrians, vehicles or possible dangers in real time. The driving dynamics is very reminiscent of a 911, fast and agile between the curves, moreover the shock absorbers with 60% more air transmit a comfort to the incomparable driving.

Available versions

  • Porsche Cayenne: 6-cylinder engine with 340hp of power, maximum torque of 450Nm at 5300/6400 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 100 in 6.2s and in 5.9s in Sport Chrono mode. Price starting from 78.030 euros VAT included.
  • Porsche Cayenne S: 6 cylinder engine with 440 hp of power, maximum torque 550 Nm at 5700/6600 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 100km / h in 5.2s and in 4.9s in Sport Chrono mode. Price starting from 95.598 euros VAT included.
  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo: 8 cylinder engine with 550 hp of power, maximum torque 770 Nm at 5750/6000 rpm. Acceleration from 0 to 100km / h in 4.1s and in 3.9s in Sport Chrono mode. Price starting from 143.666 euros VAT included.