Modena racetrack: description of the circuit and what to do

Modena racetrack: description of the circuit and what to do

The Modena racetrack is without any doubt the perfect location to spend a day full of passion and fun, with a touch of adrenaline that surely will not be missed by lovers of sports cars and high speed.

The tracks of this circuit allow, in fact, to test their cars and sport bikes and push them to the limit of their potential in full safety: the only thing that you will have to worry about is pushing the accelerator to the bottom.

Let’s look at some details of this circuit.

Modena racetrack: description and characteristics

The Modena racetrack boasts a track whose width, equal to 12 meters, remains constant for the entire track which offers fast straights alternating with breathtaking curves. To make the circuit very interesting and enjoyable, also the unevennesses realized through a remodeling of the territory on which the structure stands.

It is, therefore, a course that does not bore even the most demanding and that allows you to vent your desire for speed and freedom, with maximum safety, in over 2 km (2007 meters to be precise).

Modena racetrack: description of the circuit and what to do
Modena circuit

The Modena racetrack is available in two variants: the first configuration, the standard one, offers a perfect track for those who want to have an answer to the solicitations of the curves. Otherwise, the so-called “omega” section can be eliminated, thus providing a second straight along 480 meters and parallel to the first but with a significant variation in altitude.

There are escape routes in asphalt and gravel, a pit lane with 21 boxes, an equipped paddock, telemetry systems and wi-fi service.

What to do at the Modena racetrack

The structure offers various educational and leisure opportunities, including free trials, driving courses, events and open days. There are also many special initiatives that target the very young and female public, such as the MoDrive.

During the open days it is possible to bring your car or motorbike on the track and try it as it would not be possible on city streets: it will thus be possible to try yourself as a true professional in a circuit that, as we have seen, has particularities and difficulties that make it very fun this experience.

Those who do not own a sports car can still get their hands on a roaring wheel by booking and renting one, while also being able to enjoy the experience of professional drivers who will be able to give excellent advice and reveal some secrets for a “spicy” but safe ride.

The racetrack is also used by some car manufacturers to test their vehicles during development, offering a degree of confidentiality and logistic convenience as it is located in the heart of the Motor Valley. Certainly, there is no lack of brand gatherings and meetings dedicated to vintage cars.

Modena racetrack: description of the circuit and what to do
Pit Lane


The MoDrive, real driving courses for those who want to improve their skills at the wheel but also for those under 16 who want to get closer to the wheel before the age of 18.

The MoDrive is available in different versions (also in family packages):

  • Green Drive, for those who want to learn to drive with particular attention to reducing consumption;
  • Daily Drive, for those who want to improve at the wheel for everyday driving;
  • Sport Drive, for sporty driving enthusiasts.

Where it is and contacts

The Modena Spa Aerautodromo is located just 3 minutes from the Via Emilia and more precisely in Strada Pomposiana n. 255 / A – Loc. Marzaglia, 41123 MODENA.

  • Telephone number: 059/388711
  • Fax number: 059/388788
  • e-mail: