Tazio Nuvolari circuit: description of the track and available activities

Circuito Tazio Nuvolari

The Tazio Nuvolari circuit, dedicated to the Italian driver of the same name, is one of the most complete dedicated racing systems in terms of track offer (with 5 technical tracks).

Whether it is a visit for pleasure, passion or need, the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit will welcome enthusiasts or simple curious tourists in its facilities and ensure a pleasant stay between one roar of engines and another.

Tazio Nuvolari Circuit: description and characteristics

The system offers two circuits. The smallest, called Nivolino, is totally independent from the main and is 440 meters long. It is used for the minimoto, pit bike and Kart.

Tazio Nuvolari circuit: description of the track and available activities
Tazio Nuvolari circuit

The main circuit of the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit is 2,805 meters long. Thanks to the extension of 720 meters on the main straight, the cars can reach speeds up to 272 km / h while the bikes up to 286 km/h.

The track, constant throughout the 12-meter track, widens by 1 meter on the main straight to make overtaking simpler (note that in this section, considering also the paved quays, the width reaches 16 meters). There are several paved escape routes created to allow novice pilots to correct any trajectory errors before reaching the classic gravel escape routes.

The balance of the right (6) and left (5) curves is excellent. The curves grafted on this track are varied and range from the classic tight hairpin bend to the medium-fast bend, offering different cues for technical passages of various difficulties to amuse and emphasize the pleasure behind the wheel.

The circuit was designed to be modular, with the possibility of using an intermediate version of 1700 meters or the so-called short version of 900 meters. The peculiarity of the two tracks is that they can be used simultaneously.

The Paddock and the Off Road area

The main paddock of the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit is spread over an area of 11,200 square meters, is completely paved and is irrigable mobile. Alongside it is the Paddock P1, which covers an area of another 5,500 square meters with an attached resin track for ABS, with a permanent irrigation system.

Nearby there is also an area entirely dedicated to the Off Road, with ad hoc routes and customizable exercises based on the type of practice to be performed.

Tazio Nuvolari circuit: description of the track and available activities
Wet test

What to do at the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit

The activities that can be carried out in this circuit are varied and suitable for a wide audience of people:

  • Free practice, courses, quality days and Moto time trials
  • Free GT Auto and Formula tests
  • Free go kart tests
  • Test drive with an exclusive track
  • ABS tests, approvals, confirmations, research, development

And you can enroll in safe driving, car, off-road and go-kart courses, take part in car, motorcycle and scooter races, take part in rallies, exhibitions and corporate events.

Where it is and contacts

The Tazio Nuvolari Circuit is located in Cervesina, in the province of Pavia, in a strategic position between the A7 Milan – Genoa motorway and the A21 Torino Piacenza.

Address: Strada Provinciale 12 for Corana, 27050 Cervesina (PV), Italy
Telephone number: +39 0383 1975221
email: info@circuitotazionuvolari.it